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Be happy

Posted by joygrace on October 27, 2008

Well say first good bye to those babies tips and i will now step into the new way of blogging which is my new experience in jokes and making life more happy than  before watch out and enjoy….


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Control a Baby’s Spit Up

Posted by joygrace on October 23, 2008

Babies will often spit up some of their breakfast, lunch or dinner onto your shoulder at the most inconvenient time. While this is usually no cause for medical concern, the following steps may help you alleviate the daily spit up problems.

Slow down your feedings. Babies like to gulp breast milk and formula; however, they have tiny stomaches. If you are formula feeding, give your baby a smaller feeding and burp him more frequently. If you are breastfeeding, stop at regular intervals or when you switch breasts and see if you can encourage a burp out of him.
Feed the baby while holding her in a more upright position. And, after the feeding, try to keep her upright for at least 30 minutes. This may help her keep the food in her belly and not on your shirt.
Try not to bounce the baby around for at least an hour after each feeding. While your baby may think bouncing around is fun play, it may upset his tummy. Think about how you would feel if you bounced on someone’s knee right after a hearty dinner.
If you are bottle feeding, you need to make sure that the nipple hole is not too wide. If so, it will allow an abundance of milk through very quickly and will encourage the baby to swallow much faster.
If you’ve tried all of these different steps and you still have a spitter, you may need to take a trip to the doctor. Your baby may have a medical reason, such as reflux, which is why she is having a hard time keeping things down.

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Breastfeed a Premature Infant

Posted by joygrace on October 22, 2008

When a woman decides to breastfeed her infant she is making a choice that will positively impact the life of her child, as well as herself. When that child is premature she takes on some new challenges, but they are easily overcome.

Breastfeed your baby as soon after birth as possible. This may not be immediate depending on how premature your infant is and whether there were any complications during the birth. A newborn baby is usually very eager to get to the breast and, if placed on the mother’s belly following birth, will crawl to the breast to suckle. See the link at the end of the article for a video of this amazing event.

Football Hold courtesy of  You will need to position the baby in the most comfortable hold for both of you. For preemies and newborns, this is often the football hold. In the football hold, the baby’s body is placed under the mother’s arm as the mother holds the baby’s head and lifts it to the breast.

You may have to tickle the baby’s cheek with the nipple to get the baby to open his/her mouth. As soon as the baby open’s the mouth wide insert the entire nipple area, including as much of the areola as possible. This may be challenging with a preemie due to the size of the baby’s mouth, but try the best you can.

If it is not possible for the baby to open his/her mouth wide enough. You may need to manually pump milk by hand (or you can use a store bought pump). Remember, a newborn needs only a small amount of milk in it’s first days. Colostrum, the newborn’s “superfood,” comes in before your normal milk supply and is even more important for a premature infant. Even if you do not plan to breastfeed, consider giving your baby the best gift in it’s first few days, your colostrum.

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you will always be my baby

Posted by joygrace on October 20, 2008

kinaikian unsa akong sala sa kalibutang nganung ing ani man ang nahitabo sa akong kinabuhi?? huhuhu

asa ko nagkamali?? asa ko dapit…



ambot asa!!!

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buy the right car seat for your baby.

Posted by joygrace on October 17, 2008

Step 1
When considering to buy a car seat you must always look around before buying and never just settle on the cheapest one on sale as this seat is your child’s safety should there be a car accident. Some factors to keep in mind while browsing are: safety first, realistic budget, weight and height of child intended, laws and regulations for type of car seat in mind, and once a car seat is chosen, always send in the registration card should the car seat be recalled due to malfunctions.

Before all the neat features and best coloring of the car seat, safety first is more important as it’s meant to protect the most important thing: the baby. Look for a trusted brand that passes both the government and independent crash test’s, such as Graco, Evenflo, and Britax, to name a few. Remember to always send in the registration card as soon as your car seat of choice is chosen as it could possibly be recalled for any reason.

A realistic budget should be brought into prospective as car seats normally range anywhere from $50.00 to $300.00. When shopping for the car seat, weather it’s a booster or a convertible seat, always read carefully of the weight and height restrictions set by law for the safety of the child. Never disregard your State laws and you should always do your research on what they are.

Typically, most cars sold in the U.S. have a LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system built in that will secure any car seats made since September 1, 2002. For older models, they generally have slots in the front of the car seat that the safety belts may secure in place with.

Lastly, you may indulge yourself to the brand name and simple luxury of the car seat should you wish to do so. The pricier they are, the more features they come with and the better quality of the type of car seat you wish to buy. Adjustable harness slots would be a good feature to have as the size adjusts to your child’s growth so the car seat may be used for a few more months. There are also the option of having extra seat coverings should (and there will be) accidents arise with drinks and food items. The support system around your child’s head would be a great benefactor as well, along with the option of having a cup or a tray attached to the seat for your child, too.

Another thing to remember as some believe bigger is better, make sure the type of seat you buy actually fits inside of your vehicle. Happy shopping.

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our newest baby

Posted by joygrace on September 28, 2008

It was August 19, 2008 when a new blessing in our family came. A baby girl her name means the Lord’s blessing and in deed we are so bless that we have her in our side.

The first grand-grand daughter of my grandparents, the first grand daughter of my mother and my uncle and my first niece. She is the first daughter of my cousin James.

Take a look of our very pretty Hannah…

6days old

a product of God’s Blessing

she’s with daddy’s arms

smiley baby

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make wave for bloggerwave

Posted by joygrace on May 25, 2008

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1st Birthday Princess

Posted by joygrace on May 21, 2008

Throw your baby girl a memorable first birthday party with our 1st Birthday Princess party supplies! Decorate the party area with 1st Birthday Princess decorations, pink and white balloons and streamers, and baby pictures of friends and family. For a sweet party treat, serve pink and white cupcakes topped with candy letters that spell out “Happy Birthday Princess

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Posted by joygrace on May 11, 2008

All people starts life as babies. You can think of babies as tiny people who are new to the world. Although they need older people to take care of them, they are aware of many things, such as who is holding them. As babies grows, they get better at letting others know what they need and understand more of what happens around them.


Vey young babies learn how to raise their heads. They are soon strong enough to move and explore.

Babies are looking, learning and touching things. Once they learn to do something, they may do it over and over again

New babies need warm cuddles, milk, and sleep. They cant talk, so they cry in different ways to let you know they are hungry, tries or uncomfortable

As their brains and muscles develop, babies begin to walk. At first, they may hold on to someone bigger. But between the ages of one and two years they usually start to walk alone

Babies do not need teeth, but they have a wide set waiting inside their gums. These teeth starts to come through when they are about six months old.


Tiny babies can only suck milk from a bottle or from their mother, but they quickly learn to eat cereal and then to chew their food.


When they are first born, they only sound babies can make is to cry. They soon start to laugh and make other noises that sound more like words after a year or so.

Babies need older people to take care of them. they quickly learn to recognize their caretakers.

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Personalized Kids Room Decor

Posted by joygrace on April 30, 2008

Personalized room decor meticulously designed and creatively hand painted using your choice of names, wording, colors and themes! Choose from a wide selection of baby room decorations and kids room decor including one of a kind hand painted plaques and accessories suitable for babies and kids plus adults and pets, too!



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